Tuesday, May 22, 2012

*Sneak Peek* A True NY State of Mind.

I couldn't be happier than to film the C. Family the day before their move out of NYC.  Talk about a poignant session.  NY was good to them. The time they spent there gave them a marriage, two beautiful boys and a squishy pooch.  Who could ask for more? I really wanted to document their literal last day living there as a tribute to their everyday NYC life.  It started with breakfast. Dad shared a story with me about the deli they would frequent 'pre-kids' just downstairs, and how that deli stayed a staple in their lives (as witnessed by the bagels below). We went to their local park and along the way, I snagged a few shots of them passing the train station just steps away from their building.  And once in the park, some perfect shots of them as a family having fun.

I'd be amiss to say this session didn't come with a few bumps along the way. Our first session was not only rained out once, but twice, and the second time it not only rained out, but the Occupy Wall Street protests were scheduled to happen downtown where they lived.  That would have made for a true NY moment, eh? Our rescheduled date? Well that morning as I was chugging along (literally) on the Metro North, the signals went out in Grand Central so I was stuck in the tunnel for 45 minutes.  When I finally arrived downtown I got to work.  Once finished with the apartment shots, off we went to the park. We encountered a man who was still having a 'jolly' old time from the night before, literally went to pet their dog, and fell head first onto concrete.  I kid you not.  Dad and I just looked at each other in pure astonishment. Luckily the injured party had a friend who shuffled him off (hopefully to get a much needed coffee and a band-aid).  Then just as I sat Dad down with the boys for a bench shot, a bird decided to christen Dad.  OK, so what are we up to now..four strikes? Well, there was one more- when big brother tripped and fell and hit his head mid-shoot.  At that point, once we knew he was fine (and a few jellybeans certainly can help snap a child out of tears!) we all just laughed.  Our session felt like it never should have happened. But I am so glad it did and safe to say from Moms reaction to the photos, she feels the same way.  Good luck C. family!


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