Monday, June 25, 2012

my time with... {Little Man J.}

I met up with J. and his momma on a super hot day in NYC.  We did an indoor/outdoor signature JBP shoot so we got to capture him both in his room and outside in his 'hood.  How psyched was I to see amazing drawings in his room, created nonetheless by his super talented momma. Talk about photo op!  Once we wrapped up the indoor portion, out into the sun we went.  I love the shot of Mom walking over a little hilly plot of grass in the park (and loved Mom's response upon viewing it that she 'looks like a pioneer woman').   Little J. and his Mommy shared a big 'first' during our time together too- his first carousel ride! Needless to say he loved it (who wouldn't).  Enjoy...


Liz said...

I love how you've shot outdoors at 'high noon' - looks amazing!

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Thanks so much Liz!

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