Friday, January 31, 2014

project: gratitude {january}

After completing the 365 days of images last year, I knew I wanted to do some sort of photography project this year.

But it wasn't going to be a 365. Once was great. Did it. Done.

I blogged about my inspiration to do a photography project that would literally focus me in on how much there is to be grateful in life, even when things aren't coming up roses.  You can read about it HERE.

On top of each image you will find what it was that I was grateful for when I shot it.

Some moments of gratitude include huge epiphanies.

Others are more quiet.

But all are important.

One image each month I will tell the most powerful moment of gratitude I had...

In the month of January, I am grateful for...

the epiphany that I needed to pull back on the 'extras' of photography to make more time for her,
 her strong will to keep her special place 'hers,'
 self sufficiency of a child, like when it comes to putting her own hair up,
  getting some help around the house without even asking,

the day that kind woman took time out of her day to make me feel like I was doing something right.

We were in the locker room for Emma's swim lessons yesterday when I realized I left my umbrella in the changing area. In the locker room was an older, impeccably dressed woman who was adjusting her scarf. I told Emma, 'wait here buddy I will be right back' while I ran few paces away to get it.  When I got back the older woman turned to me and said 'I was just telling your daughter what a beautiful relationship you both have. You truly speak to her with respect as a mother and that is very admirable.' This woman, I then realized, had been behind us as we entered the locker room earlier. With no one else in it, she had listened to me allow Emma to have her independence by changing in the room herself (she just loves pulling the curtain closed I tell ya'!). We spoke of her day through the curtain. I was patient as it took her way longer than if I just unchanged her. Nothing out of the ordinary in my book. But this woman, she made me feel like I hit the lottery. The kindness of her words lifted me up. I told her I certainly had my days and she raised her hand as if to dismiss that, and said 'who doesn't?' After she walked out, Emma made my heart soar even higher by saying 'What a beautiful woman.' Thank you to that kind stranger. Further proof that when you take a few minutes, and say a few kind words, you can brighter someone's whole world. Just like that.
 Saturday silliness,
her tenacity in making a ton of paper airplanes before school and not giving up until one soared,  
 snow days!,
me getting 'somewhat' in the picture, 
the day she said she didn't need to hold my hand going into school, showing me her independece {but broke my heart all at the same time}, 
 activities that start teaching young girl's the meaning of team work and good doings,
 not being afraid to step into something new,
her love of drawing, 
 and sense of wonderment,
 the way she literally jumps into her day,

that she still wants me to watch shows with her so we can figure out who the person is behind the mask in Scooby Doo,
 this window that brings us both a ton of joy, 
my sanity walks with my buddy Skip through the seasons {an iPhone image},
how I'm greeted by this perfect person in my office and a gorgeous sunrise each morning,
the importance of putting the focus back on yourself once and a while and dropping all the 'labels' like Mom, friend, wife, daughter etc.

See you in February! And if you'd like to join the project: gratitude movement on line, click HERE.

xx- Jenn


Heather Rodriguez said...

Skips bunny ears still make me smile like a fool.

Love every single moment you have here xoxo

Ginger Snaps! said...


Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Me too Heather :) Thanks Ginger!

Skeller said...

this whole series of images just made me smile. I love seeing you loving the big and small details and covering them all with a huge dollop of gratefulness.

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Thanks so much Susan :)

danielle de Vito photography said...

beautiful! <3

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