Thursday, June 26, 2014

project gratitude {may} | JellyBean Pictures Westchester County NY and NYC Children's Photographer

I'm a little late this month {ok a lot late it's a few days from July!} but there's lots of awesome happening in these parts, which is a good thing right?! So without further ado:

In the month of May, I was grateful for...

ice cream after school with friends {memories came flooding back when I downloaded this} ,
She licked my nose as I went to kiss her, grateful for a real moment in a Mother's Day photo,
 our best friend's kids, they are crazy and zany and just pure awesome,
 for baby bunnies born in the backyard and two curious creatures trying to find them,
 for after school surprises an tickets to a show OF a show she adores,
 for meaningful school projects, a biography of great-grandma,
 for film which is allowing me to step out of the JellyBean umbrella,
 for people that love adventure,
 for smiling dogs and pure love,
 for early morning moments and the magic of morning light {look closely on the right},
 for living where we can combine nature with city-life,
for my husband who after Frisbee injuries and tears from her, found one that doesn't hurt:), 
for not being too old to put on her princess dress,
 for dance parties on Saturday mornings,
 for unseasonable warm temps while school is still in session giving us the taste of Summer,

 Gratitude Moment of the Month:

The arts. Critical for every child on every level. While art programs are cut across the country, I am so grateful Emma's school not only embraces but showcases the importance of creativity. This is an annual art fair that the school holds. It was developed by Mrs. Winters, one heck of an art teacher. She gives all the children a blank canvas and has them make a painting.  Then they have a Gallery to display their work and parents 'bid' on the art. Of course every parent essentially just buys their child's work, but the children get so excited ('did mine sell??!') and money is raised for the department. Emma was so proud to create her underwater life and even more proud to take a picture with Mrs. Winters.


Heather Rodriguez said...

Smiling so big. xoxo

Rachel said...

Absolutely lovely! A great way to look back on the month and be reminded of the moments that can easily be forgotten.

Summer Kellogg said...

So so beautiful.

That first image? IT slays me. I'd like to put it on my wall.

Beautiful, Jenn.

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Thank you so much ladies! Summer it is one of my all-time favorite shots and it IS going on the wall in the next home. xo

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