Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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They became my clients when the littlest was just 4 days old.

I've been filming who I dub the 'Beastie Boys Part II' ever since.

I couldn't be more blessed or more happy to have documented these little men for years.

And they hands down win for the most images on display of my work ever.

More than MY own home. No joke.

Their Mom takes these pictures very seriously, and I love her for it.

The boys know me so well now, they ask if they can try different things on their shoots.
Like little man Ian, who I predict by the constant wearing of his fire fighter suit, will

be putting out blazes {*wink* Christin} at some point in his life.

I found a spot in their garage that worked well for him to 'pretend' to rescue and he was so proud.

Can't you tell?

A huge thank you to one of my long standing families whose children never fail to leave me with a huge smile... and the need for a nap afterwards. ;)

Back in the day...circa 2010..then 2012...

 ... 2014 with another 'boy' added to the mix. Good boy Odin.


Heather Rodriguez said...


Skeller said...

aw, man. You KNOW I have a sweet spot in my heart for 3-boy families (nevermind, 3-boy families + boy dog). THis is truly a fabulously fun session (the obvious speed, energy, boy antics, and joy!!). And I can tell that you and fisheye are gonna get along just fine.

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Why thank you ladies! And yes Susan, a house full o' men other than Mom.. and I adore the fisheye. A-DORE. xx

*Jess* said...

they look like such a fun family!

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman said...

Jess- they TOTALLY are!

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